Design, Illustration, Photography

Design & Illustration

The Toughest Penguin Alive

(Illustration: colored pencil)

Birdscope, Summer 2010

article spread

Cooperative Crows

(Illustration: pen, ink, Photoshop)

Energy Matters Poster:
How Energy Sources Affect Birds

Birdscope, Autumn 2009

(Educational poster: Photoshop)

article spread

Full-sized poster: )

Birdscope Masthead

(Masthead: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

BirdScope Autumn 2009 Table of Contents


Bald eagle release

Photo series of release after treatment at the Swanson Wildlife Health Clinic

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, NY

October 2011

Fungal Wonderland

Exhibit in Mann Library

First Floor, Mann Library,  through April 30, 2012

Zweig Fund for Equine Research

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