Carly E. Hodes

Carly E. Hodes, MBA
Growing products that empower people to improve their own health

Product Marketing,
Health Tech

I’m a versatile marketing leader with a passion for product marketing in the healthcare space. Products I’ve grown run the gamut: digital health platforms, SaaS software for clinicians and hospitals, prescription pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospitals, and in-person healthcare services.

So much about healthcare is ripe for change. People need better tools and systems that let them become more active agents in their health. That’s why I love disruptive healthcare technology — especially products that put power in the patient’s hands.

Experience with every major healthcare stakeholder helps me see how all the pieces fit together. It also helps me hone in on each audience’s needs. Health plans, employers, hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, nurses, patients, consumers, and caretakers — each has a part to play in helping healthcare technologies realize their potential.

Consulting Services

Do you have a great product ready for liftoff, and need the right story to captivate customers? Are you looking for the job of your dreams and need to chart the course and show employers the value you’ll bring?

Let’s make a plan: we’ll work to get clear in your purpose, understand the problems you can solve, and craft compelling messages that activate your audience.

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