Mission and Values

Why and how I work

My mission is to grow products that empower people to improve their own lives. That includes guiding companies through bringing products to market. It also includes helping others fulfill similar missions in their careers.

Three main principles guide my work:

1) Understand the problem, delight the customer
What’s the most important thing in bringing a product to market? Knowing the pain it solves. With a strong understanding of the problem, you can make solutions that will delight customers.

2) Feelings find focus, data drives decisions

The heart guides the “why” — the problems that matter, the promises that motivate. To plan how to get there, we need the head. Feelings and logic are partners in success. You need both to win.

3) Experiment, learn, & iterate

Stasis kills innovation. When you try new things and see new perspectives, you accelerate learning, generate more ideas, and keep growing and adapting to the changing world.