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The Francis H. Fox Scholarship

How Fox’s friends and former students gave the prankster his best surprise yet What comes to mind when you think of Francis H. Fox? If you were one of the legions he trained, you might remember lively lectures offset by mischievous humor, or rolling up farm roads for firsthand lessons in large animal medicine. Perhaps […]

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Students lauded for veterinary volunteer work in Trinidad and Tobago

In January 2011, four veterinary students travelled to the Caribbean to help Biomedical Sciences PhD student Miguella Mark-Carew conduct field research for her Fulbright project addressing public health risks in Trinidad and Tobago. Second-year student Jasmine Bruno and third-year students Sarrah Kaye, Erin Lashnits, and Sarah Dumas spent two weeks on the islands collecting parasite […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Cesar Tello ’97

Trials and triumphs of starting a new veterinary practice in NYC’s Latino community After eight years at Cornell, Peruvian-born Cesar Tello BS ’93 DVM ’97 launched into a fast-paced veterinary career in New York City, where he now owns a thriving practice. On March 29, 2011, Tello returned to his alma mater to share his […]

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Cooper’s caper

Barn cat brain surgery highlights hospital’s emergency mettle When a Good Samaritan brought a cat hit by a car to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, no one knew the cat was one of our own. Bleeding and shocky from a powerful blow, the cat began a journey through some of the most advanced emergency […]

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Learning genes to label germs

Genetic comparison can identify mystery pathogens Organisms from all corners of the animal world arrive at the doors of the New York State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC). Foreign or familiar, prevalent or peculiar, pathogens must reveal their true identities before veterinarians can begin to make sense of samples, diagnose diseases, […]

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Fund established for Expanding Horizons

Grants give students veterinary experience in developing nations “Working abroad can change your life,” says Dr. Ton Schat, an avian pathology professor whose veterinary adventures abroad helped forge a fruitful career. “That kind of eye-opening experience affects all the people and animals you help as a veterinarian and shapes the kind of person you become.” […]

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Looking through the window

Clinical pathology bridges animals and answers  “Blood is the window to the body,” says Dr. Tracy Stokol, a professor with a passion for pathology puzzles. Microscopic magnification opens that window, revealing a cellular world which veterinarians explore in the quest to analyze disease. Clinical pathologists like Stokol navigate that world as diagnostic detectives, using cellular […]

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Healthy herds

Cattle health program helps herds and humans Herds of grazing cattle set the classic backdrop of any drive through the Empire State. New York means cows, and not just because of the scenery. Dairy farms feed millions, providing the number one agricultural industry in the state, which ranks third in the US for milk production. […]

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Newly promoted Senior Lecturer continues contributions to wildlife

After thirteen years of service at Cornell University, wildlife specialist Dr. Noha Abou-Madi has been promoted to Senior Lecturer. As a member of Section of Zoological Medicine in the Department of Clinical Sciences, she has seen the wildlife specialty within the College grow over the years. Services offered by this section have expanded since its […]