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Taking a bite out of dental disease

A conversation with Dr. Santiago Peralta, veterinary dentist, oral surgeon, and new Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Sciences’ Section of Dentistry. What path led you to your new position? I grew up and studied in Colombia, South America, and graduated with a veterinary degree from La Salle University in 1999. In Botoga I worked […]

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New MRI machine brings CUHA to the forefront of medical imaging

CUHA has upgraded its Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) capability, offering unprecedented opportunities for advanced medical imaging. As part of the Janet L. Swanson Imaging Suite, the MRI and the recently installed 16-slice Aquilion LB CT scanner mark a huge leap forward in the Hospital’s clinical and research capacities, continuing CUHA’s commitment to innovation. New System […]

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Diagnosis on the run

Athletes of all kinds use exercise machines to evaluate and improve performance, but it’s a rare machine that can handle the world’s largest and fastest athletes. Horse trainers and referring veterinarians can bring race horses to Cornell’s Equine Performance Testing Clinic, where a horse-sized treadmill, an array of examination equipment, and a team of seasoned […]